Maia Wright – Ride Or Die Lyrics

Ride Or Die Lyrics – Maia Wright Wanna make love to you now, babe Dirty rough floor with you now, baby Like one of those movie scenes that’s so unreal

Maia Wright – Decent Lyrics

Decent Lyrics – Maia Wright You wanna keep, wanna keep things like they are I wanna be, wanna see and achieve my all You don’t like when people take too

Maia Wright – I’m Ready Lyrics

I’m Ready By Maia Wright So if you want my love come and get it (Right now) Show me heaven (All night) It’s now or never (Oh, yeah) If you

Maia Wright – View Lyrics

View By Maia Wright When the sun comes up I get high on love Whatever is in my cup Making me love on everything about you You taking it off,