MAJ – Just Watch Lyrics

Just Watch Lyrics – MAJ Whip the coupe and we drop the top (Doo, doo) Twelve watchin’, yeah, we will not stop (Doo, doo) Yeah, I need some lean, I

MAJ – Bank Teller Lyrics

Bank Teller Lyrics – MAJ Mixin’ up the Percs with the white wine All my demons come out in the night time These niggas hate, but steady tryna take mine

MAJ – Supreme Lyrics

Supreme By MAJ Yeah, yeah, yeah, drop top, skrr Drop top, top, ayy Yeah, yeah (Ayy KBeaZy, you fired up) Drop top, skrrt She get on my nerves Life is

MAJ – Sloppy Seconds Lyrics

Sloppy Seconds By MAJ Lost my grip with my oppression Lost control of my aggression Shut the fuck up, askin’ questions You will never get the message Living life just

MAJ – 2drunk Lyrics

2drunk By MAJ (feat. 24KGoldn) Let’s ditch this party and ride, we’re way to drunk to drive Lyft to your crib, let’s vibe, we’re way to drunk to Let’s ditch

MAJ – Tesla Lyrics

MAJ : Tesla Lyrics Oh, oh, yeah (That boy Jaasu, he a fool) Oh, yeah, oh Baby take a ride in my Tesla, yes sir Broke niggas can’t catch up,

MAJ – Trial & Error Lyrics

Trial & Error Lyrics by MAJ Fuck my life, I’ll smoke my cancer Life’s a test with no right answers Fuck my life, I’ll smoke my cancer Life’s a test