Malevolence – Malicious Intent Lyrics

Malicious Intent Lyrics – Malevolence Rise from ashes Born to land on my feet Let the world throw what it wants at me From the rubble, I will ascend Watch

Malevolence – Life Sentence Lyrics

Life Sentence Lyrics – Malevolence Burn the bridges, bathe in the ash Gave it all I had, now it’s time to take it back I feel hollow, an empty shell

Malevolence – Still Waters Run Deep Lyrics

Still Waters Run Deep Lyrics – Malevolence Still here after all these years, endured and persevered I made every move with everything to lose The fire stays ignited My blood

Malevolence – Higher Place Lyrics

Higher Place Lyrics – Malevolence Ascend to a higher place Leaving my earthly form behind Filling the empty space Drifting away as I go with the tide Memories fade, back

Malevolence – Karma Lyrics

Karma Lyrics – Malevolence Feel the pressure rising, constant unforgiving Vengeance inflicted Let the hammer swing, bring balance to scales of justice Everything, will come back full circle Justified violence,

Malevolence – Above All Else Lyrics

Above All Else Lyrics – Malevolence (feat. Matt Honeycutt) Dig deep through the dirt Exposing the roots below Uncover the seeds From the sour Earth, we still grow What do

Malevolence – Do Or Die Lyrics

Do Or Die Lyrics – Malevolence A promise to myself, I will carve my fate Never beaten down, never second place Given too much to those Who will stand and

Malevolence – Salvation Lyrics

Salvation Lyrics – Malevolence (feat. Matthew K. Heafy) Pull the ground from underneath me Treading water now, I’m in too deep Find salvation Set me free I swam through icy

Malevolence – Armageddon Lyrics

Armageddon Lyrics – Malevolence Electrified by the light Watching the clouds turn black as the days turn into night Beckon the storm, swallow the blight Another blade cast down, by