Malinda – It’s All True Lyrics

It’s All True Lyrics – Malinda You are worried and you are free You are dangerous indeed You’re shattered and you are whole You are lost and you’re in control

Malinda – Brooklyn Lyrics

Brooklyn Lyrics – Malinda I said grace over nothing this morning Facing this world on empty Far too full to take in Anything that could make me happy A poet

Malinda – Good Intentions Lyrics

Good Intentions Lyrics – Malinda Wonder what they’re thinking? Well, let me provide the truth You’re crying for no reason I’ll find one for you soon Is it suffering or

Malinda – Figured Out Lyrics

Figured Out Lyrics – Malinda A box of time wrapped in vision I’ll lay it at your feet All this apprehension Won’t make you feel complete I know you don’t

Malinda – Like It’s the End Lyrics

Like It’s the End Lyrics – Malinda It was just so much fear Anytime I do anything Where we were going, it’s gone now What time we had left, well

Malinda – Wear Me Down Lyrics

Wear Me Down Lyrics – Malinda I’ve gotten good at crying quietly My mouth wide open, hoping you can’t hear me Holding my breath, but a lonely sound escapes You

Malinda – Collage Lyrics

Collage Lyrics – Malinda A love song made sense again today All that was ever true gave way I’ve peered through its door Wiser than before A kind word shattered