Mallory Merk – Isolate Myself Lyrics

Isolate Myself Lyrics – Mallory Merk we know how this one ends why be bitter sick of playin pretend i don’t need to know if you made up your mind

Mallory Merk – Thorns Lyrics

Thorns Lyrics – Mallory Merk She’s melting hearths if they’re made of plastic Burning arrow since the renaissance They’re coming from afar But don’t know what they want Perfections never

Mallory Merk – Devil Laugh Lyrics

Devil Laugh Lyrics – Mallory Merk Am I ascending or is the world just coming down a drop of rain falls from a cloud Frozen to keep my guard up

Mallory Merk – evol Lyrics

evol Lyrics – Mallory Merk Special Thinking she’s the one that it’s made for A playlist that she keeps in her headphones while she’s running thru the park He got

Mallory Merk – Just Because Lyrics

Just Because Lyrics – Mallory Merk Faded in a daydream so deep it’s amazing Perfect time and liquid space there’s just no separation If you wanna know I got no

Mallory Merk – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers Lyrics By Mallory Merk Feels like I’m fading away but I got my whole life Driving with the windows down so I can feel the sting in my eyes