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Category: Marilia Adamaki

Marilia Adamaki – Mood Lyrics

Mood By Marilia Adamaki Lyrics Sometimes I sense that I’m getting it too far Thank God that feeling doesn’t last Those who I truly love I hurt And it’s too […]

Marilia Adamaki – Approval Lyrics

Approval By Marilia Adamaki Lyrics I prefer to stay silent When I don’t have something to say Can’t really see the point Of behaving the other way Most people scare […]

Marilia Adamaki – You Lost Lyrics

You Lost By Marilia Adamaki Lyrics At the start everyone was nice They would even give me an advice As I started showing the real me Suddenly they all became […]

Marilia Adamaki – Unfortunately Lyrics

Unfortunately By Marilia Adamaki Lyrics The last years I’ve been trying to keep in touch Believing that you wouldn’t have changed much You just helped me see I was wrong […]

Marilia Adamaki – Confess Lyrics

Confess By Marilia Adamaki Lyrics You only called to ask about someone else I can’t believe I’m still talking to you After all of these offensive words you said I […]

Marilia Adamaki – Everything Black Lyrics

Everything Black By Marilia Adamaki Lyrics Pretending,I’m pretending the happy again Yesterday you disappointed me again I’m not trying to forget But I think I need some help… I tried […]