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Marina Kaye – Heavenbound Lyrics

Heavenbound Lyrics – Marina Kaye I held a magnifying glass up to our love Burned a hole right through it And in the light of day I see the end

Marina Kaye – Twisted Lyrics

Twisted Lyrics – Marina Kaye I don’t wanna hurt you Know you make my grey skies blue And heart bleed red And I don’t wanna lose it (And I don’t

Marina Kaye – Scream Lyrics

Scream Lyrics – Marina Kaye Don’t turn off the light You’ll be movie terrified We’re far from paradise Kiss your fears goodbye Coz I’ll be on your mind And everytime

Marina Kaye – Visions Lyrics

Visions Lyrics – Marina Kaye You say it, but you don’t really say it Tell me are we tainted The passion’s left the room, oh Coz I got visions I

Marina Kaye – Blind Heart Lyrics

Blind Heart Lyrics – Marina Kaye Lately you been making me feel sick of myself Let you under my skin now I’m naked as hell On a wave my hands

Marina Kaye – Bad Intentions Lyrics

Bad Intentions Lyrics – Marina Kaye Close your mind, read my thoughts Flashing lights, through the dark And I can tell exactly what you’re thinking So take another sip and

Marina Kaye – Anywhere But Home Lyrics

Anywhere But Home Lyrics – Marina Kaye Can you be my escape Come and take me away Tell me can you be my safety line Coz I don’t wanna be

Marina Kaye – Alone Lyrics

Alone Lyrics – Marina Kaye Why would you ask me to do the right thing When you know the truth and you know it’s frightening Oh I know it’s gonna

Marina Kaye – Questions Lyrics

Questions Lyrics – Marina Kaye I put a smile and some make up on I hope it lasts ’til the day is gone No one’s been on my side for

Marina Kaye – 7 Billion Lyrics

7 Billion Lyrics By Marina Kaye If you don’t wanna hear the truth Don’t ask for it ‘Cause I know how much it hurts That’s why I never asked for

Marina Kaye – Double Life Lyrics

Double Life By Marina Kaye Skeletons in my closet And I carry all the guilt with it in my pocket And you’re telling me you’re scared of me and I

Marina Kaye – The Whole 9 Lyrics

The Whole 9 By Marina Kaye If I am too much for you Would you give it up? ‘Cause I’m not the one to lose, you choose If my heart’s