Mark Diamond – Hi Lo Lyrics

Hi Lo Lyrics – Mark Diamond High low vertigo Vertigo high low Easy does it baby I will care for you Even when you’re nervous I will dare you to

Mark Diamond – Petrichor Lyrics

Petrichor Lyrics – Mark Diamond Darkness crawls Like a shadow on the ground Whispering, “It ain’t that funny now” Blinding light Where’d you go and hide? I don’t see you

Mark Diamond – Yesterdays Lyrics

Yesterdays Lyrics – Mark Diamond I know there’s something I should say But I searched for clever words and they never came So please don’t look at me that way

Mark Diamond – Hold It Still Lyrics

Hold It Still Lyrics – Mark Diamond I had a dream And I heard That you were happy From what I could see Through the yellows and greens So happy

Mark Diamond – Dance It Up Lyrics

Dance It Up Lyrics – Mark Diamond She wants to go dancing Every night of the week No time for romancing No shoes on her feet Dance it up Is

Mark Diamond – Moonshot Lyrics

Moonshot Lyrics – Mark Diamond I could be a sinner I could be a saint I could be the savior You look for when you pray Maybe I’m the dealer

Mark Diamond – Colorado Lyrics

Colorado Lyrics – Mark Diamond All the places I could be Too many to choose I’m getting tired of East LA Oh I think it’s time to move I’m spending

Mark Diamond – Our Last Holiday Lyrics

Our Last Holiday Lyrics – Mark Diamond Waking up again With that same feeling Hear another song That I don’t believe in Whatever’s on your list Baby, you don’t need

Mark Diamond – The Ride Lyrics

The Ride Lyrics – Mark Diamond After my show I think I’ll pull an all nighter 5 AM with my friends In the back of a diner Finally understand What

Mark Diamond – Anna Lyrics

Anna Lyrics – Mark Diamond You live right down the road I suppose I picture a yellow house That you call home And when I think of you I feel

Mark Diamond – Heartbreaker Lyrics

Heartbreaker By Mark Diamond Lately, I’ve been thinkin’ About the world I’m in I see all the bridges burnin’ And the walls are cavin’ in I know it feels like