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Category: Marlhy

Marlhy – Drive Away Lyrics

Drive Away By Marlhy I think I’m a hypocrite, I ain’t proud of it, always give advice, long nights but can’t take it in Friends growing up, movin’ away now […]

Marlhy – Make ‘Em Hurt Lyrics

Make ‘Em Hurt By Marlhy Hi, why you tryna butt in my life Said we won’t be crossing that line I’m just tryna heal myself right Know you, I know […]

Marlhy – Bubbles Lyrics

Bubbles by Marlhy Bubbles in my cup I got bubbles in my stomach Bubbles in my tub Tryna go through all my options I know if I wanted I could […]

Marlhy – Claustrophobic Lyrics

Claustrophobic by Marlhy You talk bout rings See me in a white dress wedding Throw away the Plan B family But I just don’t see it that way We ain’t […]