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Category: Max B

Max B – Super Bad Lyrics

Super Bad By Max B Couture Anybody can get it (Yeah), nobody exempt (Yeah) All my niggas is rich but nobody content All my niggas is thorough (Yeah), nobody pretends […]

Max B – Ride on Em Lyrics

Ride on Em By Max B (Couture) What do you say we ride on these bitch niggas real quick? Let’s get ’em AMG is the new A-team Ain’t no more […]

Max B – Never Change Lyrics

Never Change By Max B Hahaha Hey, baby Let me tell you where you went wrong, yeah Taylor Gang (Couture) Had a reservation, they made me wait Medium kobe beef […]

Max B – Goodbye Lyrics

Goodbye By Max B Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Yeah, Boss Don shit for that ass My favorite rappers was ‘Pac, Big, and Jay Nas and 50 Cent, NWA, yeah […]

Max B – Champagne Wishes Lyrics

Champagne Wishes By Max B Caviar dreams Cru in the gas tanks make the cars lean All my niggaz winning, this is all team Millions in drug money, the music […]

Max B – So Cold Lyrics

So Cold By Max B Lyrics Paul Couture, Max Biggavel This what we sound like baby (Couture) I’m so cold Baby, why your blood zero below? No matter how many tries Nobody really […]