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Category: Miquela

Miquela – Machine Lyrics

Machine By Miquela I think I got your number Oohoo Read your mind right away I’m going for it Girl, could get you open Oohoo You just pick the time […]

Miquela – Speak Up Lyrics

Speak Up By Miquela You never say how you really feel How can I know if this thing is real? Is it all in my head? Am I making it […]

Miquela – Automatic Lyrics

Automatic By Miquela Didn’t take much not for me Everything hit n aturally And all I know is we got to be Got to be I got to see it […]

Miquela – Money Lyrics

Money By Miquela Lyrics What if we just let go and fall in love (fall in love) Maybe just let the chemicals talk for us (let ’em talk babe) ‘Cause, […]

Miquela – Wasted Lyrics

Wasted by Miquela: How many times do i have to hear that same old story Its getting boring to me How do i get you to see How do you […]

Miquela – Sleeping In Lyrics

Sleeping In by Miquela Nobody likes me, yeah No,  nobody I’m  sleeping in late and I’m wrapped in your sweater Cause, oh, you keep me warm Even when you’re gone […]