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Category: Mishaal

Mishaal - Arabian Knights Lyrics

Mishaal – Arabian Knights Lyrics

Arabian Knights Lyrics – Mishaal Es que mi alma no to baila así Déjame en paz Dejame olvidar Es que nadie nunca da a ti Oh te tejan en paz […]

Mishaal - Mister Mister Lyrics

Mishaal – Mister Mister Lyrics

Mister Mister Lyrics – Mishaal People lie Feelings die But you’re all you’ll ever have You can cry It’s alright Let the tears drain out the past Mister mister Tell […]

Mishaal - Run Baby Lyrics

Mishaal – Run Baby Lyrics

Run Baby Lyrics – Mishaal It’s all I am but God it hurts if it’s all I’ll be My body’s racing to catch up with the things I think I […]

Mishaal - Peddle Bike Lyrics

Mishaal – Peddle Bike Lyrics

Peddle Bike By Mishaal I don’t mean no disrespect Baby you can call me in awhile Got this pain right in my chest Baby it’s been hurting for a awhile […]

Mishaal – Friends Lyrics

Friends By Mishaal I love my friends but somedays I’m cautious I don’t pretend, when I trust, it makes me nauseous I love my friends but somedays I’m cautious I […]