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Category: Mulatto

Mulatto - Pull Up Lyrics

Mulatto – Pull Up Lyrics

Pull Up By Mulatto (Diego, Diego) (Hitmaka!) (B-B-Bankroll Got It) Yeah, pull up, drop the top, hop that on or off (Skrrt) Bought the baby Glock, bitch, I came to […]

Mulatto - On God Lyrics

Mulatto – On God Lyrics

On God By Mulatto Diego Bankroll got it Got em like, mhm, pussy too good Real boss bitch Need a nigga out the hood Askin where I’m at I’m in […]

Mulatto - Off Top Lyrics

Mulatto – Off Top Lyrics

Off Top By Mulatto Big Latto, brr Yeah, yeah (Hitmaka) (Skip got the bounce, it go crazy) They all be fly, I ain’t shit like them Drop racks on fabric, […]

Mulatto - My Body Lyrics

Mulatto – My Body Lyrics

My Body By Mulatto (On, on, on and on, on) (Ghost Kid the producer) I just walked up in the club, I’m finna catch (A body) Shinin’ like the diamonds […]