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Category: Naaz

Naaz – TAPED Lyrics

TAPED by Naaz LYRICS Taped, taped, taped, taped Taped, taped, taped I know I’ve only existed For 300,000 plus years So I might not know it all, yeah But I […]

Naaz – damage :( Lyrics

damage 🙁 by Naaz LYRICS Hey, insecurity is leading the way But it doesn’t know where to go Makes a lot of sense When you look at the name Something […]

Naaz – heart drive Lyrics

heart drive by Naaz LYRICS Happy is temporary, the memories last I save them on my heart drive Having a blast, yeah Happy is temporary, and now I am sad […]

Naaz – Do You? Lyrics

Do You? by Naaz LYRICS Yeah, haven’t shown me love in a minute or two Don’t wanna be so needy but do you love me? Do you love me? Can […]

Naaz – As Fun Lyrics

As Fun by Naaz Released : 2018 If clouds look like sugar, only pretty from afar And bubbles burst, when we touch them really soft Maybe we should just watch […]