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Category: Nicole Bus

Nicole Bus - Unchanging Lyrics

Nicole Bus – Unchanging Lyrics

Unchanging By Nicole Bus Lyrics May I have a word with you? Now that it’s just me and you Sometimes I’m afraid you know I know you know that’s why […]

Nicole Bus – 411 Lyrics

411 By Nicole Bus Lyrics I guess we’ve all seen and been threw All the stuff we talked about before Rocky told me 411 so let me tell you my […]

Nicole Bus – Mr. Big Shot Lyrics

Mr. Big Shot By Nicole Bus Lyrics Truth is, nothing really matters to you Walking around in a cell above you Passing by, nothing ever seems new Oh, walk on, […]

Nicole Bus – SOS Lyrics

SOS By Nicole Bus Lyrics Walking down this long road I don’t know if I will come home Seeking out the answers but it doesn’t really matter anymore And if […]