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Category: Nines

Nines - Energy Lyrics

Nines – Energy Lyrics

Energy By Nines Tryna get my money longer But my brother died so that turned me to my monster Now they wanna be my friend, they need to lowe me […]

Nines - Realist Lyrics

Nines – Realist Lyrics

Realist By Nines (Quincy Tellem) [?] no cap shit, mm Yeah Been gettin’ money, no jokes and games (Nah) No time for a cell, you know she always complain (Always […]

Nines - Monster Lyrics

Nines – Monster Lyrics

Monster By Nines (It’s 1st born, baby) The pack only had a bit of dust So put a gram in every Z, it’s common sense like my nigga Hus You […]

Nines - Airplane Mode Lyrics

Nines – Airplane Mode Lyrics

Airplane Mode By Nines (Zino Records) Yeah, yeah (Hahahaha, hey) Airplane mode to ignore them Yeah, we all bleed so I don’t fear them I can’t talk to the worker, […]

Nines - NIC Lyrics

Nines – NIC Lyrics

NIC By Nines You see the stars in the Wraith Will make your gyally misbehave It’s the way we like it, yeah I was in the trenches with my dargs […]

Nines - Don’t Change Lyrics

Nines – Don’t Change Lyrics

Don’t Change By Nines Change, don’t change (Don’t change) I want you just the way you are (Just the way you…) Don’t ever change Honey, I’m begging you (Please stay) […]