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Category: NOTD

NOTD – I Don’t Know Why Lyrics

I Don’t Know Why By NOTD Following a feeling Got no reason I should show up here tonight Here tonight And I’m hoping for a signal But I’ll settle for […]

NOTD & Daya – Wanted Lyrics

Wanted by NOTD & Daya: Wanted Lyrics: You would take me, you would have me Dead or alive, every single night I could let you, I would let you But […]

NOTD – Keep You Mine Lyrics

Keep You Mine by NOTD (ft. SHY Martin) Yes, we started a fight, now the bedroom is burning Can we put it out? ‘Cause we’re both saying things that we’re […]

NOTD – So Close Lyrics

So Close Lyrics by NOTD Released : 2018 Thinking about you As I’m lying next to someone else Drinking without you, oh Doesn’t fix me but it kinda helps [Pre-Chorus] […]