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Category: Polo G

Polo G – Dyin Breed Lyrics

Dyin Breed by Polo G Real niggas is a dyin’ breed, but I’m still maintaining Made it out the hood, I still pop out on some gang shit My day […]

Polo G – Lost Files Lyrics

Lost Files by Polo G Everything was all good way back in the day Then whole hood really went wild Long live the gang, man, the whole hood missin’ them […]

Polo G – Pop Out Again Lyrics

Pop Out Again by Polo G [Polo G] We pop out at your party, I’m with the gang And it’s gon’ be a robbery, so tuck ya chain I’m a […]

Polo G – Deep Wounds Lyrics

Deep Wounds by Polo G I’ve been scarred by your love, left my heart bleedin’ My soul posted in the shadow with some dark demons I’m on the E-way in […]

Polo G – Battle Cry Lyrics

Battle Cry Lyrics by Polo G [Polo G] I know these niggas never been a hunnid, they let that fame switch ’em Did all that preachin’ ’bout bein’ solid then […]