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Category: Queensway

Queensway – Passion Lyrics

Passion By Queensway Lyrics Never looking back I face the fear and I lost What will it take to break the cycle of despair I can not escape. Fortified in […]

Queensway – True Light Lyrics

True Light By Queensway Lyrics With every wish, another star dies and lesser does the guilt begin to eat me alive I turn innocent beauty into horrors right before your […]

Queensway – Fantasy Lyrics

Fantasy By Queensway Lyrics Mirages are all I see Isolation might be the best for me Can’t shake the feelin of slippin outta reality Always question what you believe True […]

Queensway – The Real Fear Lyrics

The Real Fear By Queensway Lyrics Have you ever seen a dead body? Felt the feeling of your heart stop beating? Blood pressure drops, your mind begins rot, Your worst […]