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Category: R.LUM.R

R.LUM.R – Cold Lyrics

Cold By R.LUM.R Lyrics You say you know that you love me But it don’t feel like it used to I know we both seen it coming Still it’s gon’ […]

R.LUM.R – How This Feels Lyrics

How This Feels Lyrics by R.LUM.R I think a lot about myself To paint in pictures true to mirrors who define me well But this is something I don’t know […]

R.LUM.R – Right Here Lyrics

Right Here by R.LUM.R Released : 2018 I know I miscomprehend And lie to my common sense And run if my feet touch the floor It’s easier to pretend I’m […]

R.LUM.R – I Need To Know Lyrics

I Need To Know by R.LUM.R Released : 2018 Still some sort of mystery how we cannot connect Any other way than how we do when we late night connect […]