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Category: Saint Motel

Saint Motel – Diane Mozart Lyrics

Diane Mozart By Saint Motel Lyrics People act up, people be like, “Why?” People be dumb, people be too shy On this endeavor Always and forever, oh Shake it up […]

Saint Motel – Van Horn Lyrics

Van Horn By Saint Motel Lyrics The thug life, baby It chose me, I didn’t choose this city Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh I walked right over You’re a 10 and I’m […]

Saint Motel – Sisters Lyrics

Sisters By Saint Motel Lyrics 2Pac still loved Madonna Back when we both were in our teens You showed me marijuana And what good rock ‘n’ roll could be And […]

Saint Motel – Old Soul Lyrics

Old Soul By Saint Motel Lyrics I got rubies in my hands now I got rubies in my hands now How they shine I got trouble on my mind now […]