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Category: Sam Setton

Sam Setton – Santiago Lyrics

Santiago By Sam Setton “I mean I don’t know it’s been 4 years Sam I don’t know what we have in our, like What we have on our minds, like […]

Sam Setton – Gum Lyrics

Gum By Sam Setton Eyes like the sun Your tongue tastes like toothpaste And peppermint gum Soft olive skin Your lips are like cherries I wanna dive in You said […]

Sam Setton - Wine Lyrics

Sam Setton – Wine Lyrics

Wine By Sam Setton I won’t miss you, I swear I won’t miss you, I swear it Weepin’ in the hallway (mhm) After Silence for 3 days (yeah) I’m sick […]

Sam Setton – Nice Kid Lyrics

Nice Kid By Sam Setton I bought a book I didn’t read it I gave her a look She didn’t see it I’m praying to god Like there is one […]

Sam Setton – Hurts So Much Lyrics

Hurts So Much By Sam Setton Another Sunday back at home It’s raining Look out my window that you broke You know I Still wear that cheap Lacoste cologne That […]

Sam Setton – Pink Nikes Lyrics

Pink Nikes By Sam Setton I gave you My gray hoodie you wanted I took it Straight out of my closet For you, yeah Anything for you I bought you […]