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Category: Sam Setton

Sam Setton – Santiago Lyrics

Santiago By Sam Setton “I mean I don’t know it’s been 4 years Sam I don’t know what we have in our, like What we have on our minds, like […]

Sam Setton – Gum Lyrics

Gum By Sam Setton Eyes like the sun Your tongue tastes like toothpaste And peppermint gum Soft olive skin Your lips are like cherries I wanna dive in You said […]

Sam Setton - Wine Lyrics

Sam Setton – Wine Lyrics

Wine By Sam Setton I won’t miss you, I swear I won’t miss you, I swear it Weepin’ in the hallway (mhm) After Silence for 3 days (yeah) I’m sick […]

Sam Setton – Nice Kid Lyrics

Nice Kid By Sam Setton I bought a book I didn’t read it I gave her a look She didn’t see it I’m praying to god Like there is one […]

Sam Setton – Hurts So Much Lyrics

Hurts So Much By Sam Setton Another Sunday back at home It’s raining Look out my window that you broke You know I Still wear that cheap Lacoste cologne That […]

Sam Setton – Pink Nikes Lyrics

Pink Nikes By Sam Setton I gave you My gray hoodie you wanted I took it Straight out of my closet For you, yeah Anything for you I bought you […]

Sam Setton – 20 Roses Lyrics

20 Roses By Sam Setton Left 20 roses in your bedroom Yeah, your roommate let me in I’m sick of always asking all your friends If you’re ok Cuz you’ve […]

Sam Setton – Palm Tree Lyrics

Palm Tree By Sam Setton I just need to let my mind breathe Cuz it’s been swaying like a palm tree You missed my cry for help (yeah) Looks like […]

Sam Setton – Please Don’t Lyrics

Please Don’t By Sam Setton I blow smoke I’m like a smoking gun Heart is heavy-and-unsteady I’ll become who I become Scars deep I’m like a beaten drum By the […]