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Category: Scotty Sire

Scotty Sire – Notice Me Lyrics

Notice Me by Scotty Sire: My whole life I focused on not being noticed And now it kinda sucks that I’m nobody’s main focus Yeah, I was devoted to sittin’ […]

Scotty Sire – Never Satisfied Lyrics

Never Satisfied by Scotty Sire: I had a good thing going, damn I should’ve known it I should’ve slowed down to stop and smell the roses But instead I kept moving, cared losing […]

Scotty Sire – What’s Going On Lyrics

What’s Going On by Scotty Sire: (What’s going on) I’ve been happy, but it wasn’t today Drinkin’ liquor but it’s not for the taste More or less is just to numb all the […]

Scotty Sire – Panic Attack Lyrics

Panic Attack by Scotty Sire: Why do my thoughts control me? Why can’t I choose how I feel or think? I would like to get some rest but voices echo in my head My […]

Scotty Sire – Smile Lyrics

Smile by Scotty Sire: With a smile on her face, she walks along And no one know’s what’s going on Jacket on, things going wrong Still she knows she must be strong Life keeps […]

Scotty Sire – Funkin Fun Lyrics

Funkin Fun by Scotty Sire: Ooh, if I don’t blow off some steam Let loose, have fun, I’m gonna scream Cause, oh, I’m so uptight I know you know just what that’s like […]