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Category: Shamir

Shamir - Cisgender Lyrics

Shamir – Cisgender Lyrics

Cisgender Lyrics – Shamir You wanna kill me? Well here’s your chance! I can barely get around now as it fucking stands You wanna see me, but you just can’t […]

Shamir - Gay Agenda Lyrics

Shamir – Gay Agenda Lyrics

Gay Agenda Lyrics – Shamir Days slip away, but I feel peace Broke up with the Dragon, but he’s chasing me I’m not sure there’s a life I can lead […]

Shamir - Other Side Lyrics

Shamir – Other Side Lyrics

Other Side Lyrics By Shamir I thought i would see you, much sooner than later But when later came around and they couldn’t find you anywhere It wasn’t goodbye, couldn’t […]

Shamir - I Wonder Lyrics

Shamir – I Wonder Lyrics

I Wonder By Shamir And soon I’ll be the neon shining moon And I’ll break you up just like the stars I’ll be the earth with the disease And you […]

Shamir - Wedding Day Lyrics

Shamir – Wedding Day Lyrics

Wedding Day By Shamir When will I finally see Hell has its hold on me My lack of soul, only knows sadistic tendencies I called its bluff for a while […]

Shamir - On My Own Lyrics

Shamir – On My Own Lyrics

On My Own By Shamir I used to think that love was fleeting You’ll just end up hurt But it’s a cosmic game of meetings That may never work and […]