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Category: Shane Eagle

Shane Eagle – XXXX Lyrics

XXXX By Shane Eagle Lyrics Uh, king of the African jungle, you all sheep False propaganda, depriving Africa’s needs Never been starving, the way that I eat beats There’s a […]

Shane Eagle – Storytime Lyrics

Storytime By Shane Eagle Lyrics Voices, voice-voices in my head say I shouldn’t do it Voices, voices in my head, voices in my head say I shouldn’t do it Let […]

Shane Eagle - Black Lyrics

Shane Eagle – Black Lyrics

Black By Shane Eagle Lyrics Yeah I talk to God at the crib I don’t really like to go to church Why you boys talking ’bout my wave? When y’all […]

Shane Eagle – PARIS Lyrics

PARIS By Shane Eagle Lyrics I flew my mama to.. (I flew my mama to..) I flew my mama to Paris, she used to stay on the street I bought […]