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Category: SiR

SiR – John Redcorn Lyrics

John Redcorn by SiR Alone, every night alone Why am I alone? I wanna know that you want me, too Am I wrong? Tell me that I’m wrong Tell me I deserve all the […]

SiR & Kendrick Lamar – Hair Down Lyrics

Hair Down By SiR & Kendrick Lamar I’ve been goin’ silly for the Westside (Westside) You might catch me rolling where the Reps ride (Good reps) Like no opposition, I’m […]

SiR – Something Foreign Lyrics

Something Foreign by SiR Feat. ScHoolboy Released : 2017 This that fire, gasoline It will burn soon Casually, gradually Defining gravity as I let go, no Wires, I’m flying Magic, […]

SiR – Something New Lyrics

Something New by SiR Released : 2017 I found another life in London, it’s true I fell in love with the summer Fell in love with you You shine your […]