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Category: Skip Marley‎ Lyrics

Skip Marley - My World Lyrics

Skip Marley – My World Lyrics

My World By Skip Marley Baby love, it’s nice to meet ya I was checking you from across the room, oh baby, say Nice to greet ya, yeah I would […]

Skip Marley - Faith Lyrics

Skip Marley – Faith Lyrics

Faith By Skip Marley It’s Kel P vibes See I know that you know what you wanting Still on the same page, but here we are Chasing hope in the […]

Skip Marley - No Love lyrics

Skip Marley – No Love lyrics

No Love By Skip Marley Oh, woah, oh-oh, ayy I take her bitter wit her sweet Moon up to sun I got what she need (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Roll down […]

Skip Marley, H.E.R. – Slow Down Lyrics

Slow Down By Skip Marley, H.E.R. Slow down Girl, let me love you Darling, I care I care for you More than my own self Darling, I’ll share I’ll share with you All […]