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Category: Sleater-Kinney

Sleater-Kinney – Reach Out Lyrics

Reach Out by Sleater-Kinney When I look down, I was a mess My face was smeared, my clothes were wet My shoes untied, stone in my chest I wash upon […]

Sleater-Kinney – Restless Lyrics

Restless by Sleater-Kinney Took my car, got out of town It is a restless life, a restless life You and me, we don’t f--- around It is a restless life, […]

Sleater-Kinney – RUINS Lyrics

RUINS by Sleater-Kinney And just before midnight You came into our room A demon so frightening Both ancient and new Gonna leave the light on for you Gonna leave the […]

Sleater-Kinney – Bad Dance Lyrics

Bad Dance by Sleater-Kinney And if the world is ending now Then let’s dance the bad dance We’ve been rehearsing our whole lives Well, don’t just stand there Why don’t […]

Sleater-Kinney – Broken Lyrics

Broken by Sleater-Kinney Deep, deep, deep run the feelings Rolling inside my mind Keep, keep, keep it together Afraid to let them fly I really can’t fall apart right now […]

Sleater-Kinney – LOVE Lyrics

LOVE by Sleater-Kinney “Measles,” said the city, came up in the void Needed something sacred, wanted to destroy Heard you in my headphones, slipped you my address Call the doctor, […]

Sleater-Kinney – Can I Go On Lyrics

Can I Go On by Sleater-Kinney Everyone I know is tired Everyone I know is wired To machines, it’s obscene I’ll just scream til it don’t hurt no more. Everyone […]