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Category: Smino

Christopher Smith Jr., better known by his stage name Smino, is an American rapper and singer

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Merlot Lyrics

Merlot Lyrics by Smino [Intro]Pop that muh’fucker fuck you mean, what you doin’Yeah pop that shitHittin’ that-that-that-that-that taroSippin’ that-that-that-that-that mer, merlotSippin’ that-that-that-that-that-that-thatMet her once, fucked twiceBitch with the funk, p-funk, […]

Z4L Lyrics

Smino – Z4L Lyrics

Z4L Lyrics by Smino [Intro]Off some real life shit though broI’ve been having some wild ass, like I ain’t even on no recording shit right now broWhat you meanBroooWhat fo’?You […]

Smino - Spinz Lyrics

Smino – Spinz Lyrics

Spinz Lyrics by Smino [Intro]Yeah, this sound like new world, new worldA new world, new world [Chorus]It was gruesome, what we grew fromBut we grew some in the endAin’t enough […]

Smino – Tequila Mockingbird Lyrics

Tequila Mockingbird Lyrics by Smino [Chorus]TequilaMockingbird, mockingbird, I copped her a new BeamerOh yes she fly away, cicada, but another quaaludeShe be backShe be backYeah you know that she’ll…AlvitaAlvita(Uh huh, […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – L.M.F. Lyrics

L.M.F. Lyrics by Smino Said she Rafiki, you a lion, Mufasa Baby ain’t nothing ’bout me PG, rated X for extraordinary The Mary got me merry, now I’m singing like […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Kovert Lyrics

Kovert Lyrics by Smino [Intro] Noir, what a beautiful name. Black, statuesque, you know? Strong, sweet, that’s what I think when I think of Noir. That’s what I think when […]