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Category: SuperM

SuperM - Infinity Lyrics

SuperM – Infinity Lyrics

Infinity Lyrics By SuperM To infinity, yeah I’m the other one chillin’ with them other ones Keep crushing like the epicenter of the sun No pressure but we pressin’ so […]

SuperM - Monster Lyrics

SuperM – Monster Lyrics

Monster Lyrics By SuperM You hear me walk into your town, right? Sounds right Feel that rumble in the ground, right? Don’t lie I’m the one, better run If you […]

SuperM - Wish You Were Here Lyrics

SuperM – Wish You Were Here Lyrics

Wish You Were Here Lyrics By SuperM Igoseun cham goyohaeseo Sigani meomchwobeorin geot gata Nan niga bogo sipeojyeo Haneureun palleteucheoreom Juhwangbit noeul namsaegui bamhaneul Nega ane geuryeojyeo tto Yeah Sesange […]

SuperM - Big Chance Lyrics

SuperM – Big Chance Lyrics

Big Chance Lyrics By SuperM Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya You got your mother’s eyes And your daddy’s temper […]

SuperM - 100 Lyrics

SuperM – 100 Lyrics

100 Lyrics By SuperM They all want they all want what we got It’s the way that we make, make it hot And we come, come in ready or not […]