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Category: Tabby

Tabby – Sub-Zero / Nash Lyrics

Sub-Zero / Nash by Tabby [Part1 Sub-Zero] I ain’t been ready from the jump Focus on myself, swear to God that’s all it was Yeah, cold shoulder, energy froze Too […]

Tabby – Morissette Freestyle Lyrics

Morissette Freestyle by Tabby Twiddle thumbs, take a bite outta cuticles Decide on suicide over 9 to 5 in cubicle Like eenie-miney-moe, catch this tiger while he dangling So cynical, […]

Tabby – Giannis Lyrics

Giannis by Tabby Chain on a thrift shop bargain Hit space, gotta pause that starship Damn straight I’m a starving artist Start charging the paint like Giannis 34, 34, 34 […]

Tabby – Jonah Hill Lyrics

Jonah Hill by Tabby Quick to curse, lord have mercy Spit a verse with the QWERTY Paparazzi ain’t heard me But keep your eye on the birdie ‘05 Ridin’ Dirty […]