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Category: Tayla Parx

Tayla Parx – Easy Lyrics

Easy Lyrics by Tayla Parx I’d give my right arm and my last, you wouldn’t give me half of that In return, that’s too bad You party on, you live […]

Tayla Parx – Diet Lyrics

Diet Lyrics by Tayla Parx We could chat, but that’s no use to me You’re not the one that you used to be I know you’re fuckin’ around on me […]

Tayla Parx – Rebound Lyrics

Rebound Lyrics by Tayla Parx [Tayla Parx] Yeah I’ma make sure you hear me this time, mmh Yeah [Tayla Parx] Using me to cover up a wound You need a […]

Tayla Parx – Read Your Mind Lyrics

Read Your Mind Lyrics by Tayla Parx [Tayla Parx:] Be careful with the rest of me ’cause my heart’s already broken I swear this is harder than it seems for […]