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Category: Teejay

TeeJay - SMH KMT Lyrics

TeeJay – SMH KMT Lyrics

SMH KMT By TeeJay You know you body clean and you Pv$$y tight gyal see the c*cky Sumem you fi wine pan you known Say me woulda fvck you wull […]

Teejay - Goodbye Lyrics

Teejay – Goodbye Lyrics

Goodbye By Teejay Member when we used to sit on the curbs Drink all the liquors and smoke all the herbs Never got no money but we know how fi […]

Teejay - Moon Light Lyrics

Teejay – Moon Light Lyrics

Moon Light By Teejay She seh why mi baby coh put a pah miSHe seh chippy a di cotchy fling di pussy pah mi Girl, yuh nuh see yuh pussy […]

TeeJay - Attention Lyrics

TeeJay – Attention Lyrics

Attention By TeeJay Skrrrrr Ooo ooo ooo Yow Yea-ea-eah Aye Attention she just ah get sick of it And di pussy just ah jump like ah di rabbit She lonely […]

Teejay - Nuh New To This Lyrics

Teejay – Nuh New To This Lyrics

Nuh New To This By Teejay We nuh new to this (master mind) Some a dem gyal yah jus a fuck we tru the cash and the jewelries (jewelries) Yeah […]

TeeJay - Trigga Finga Lyrics

TeeJay – Trigga Finga Lyrics

Trigga Finga By TeeJay Please don’t cry for me, if tomorrow me RIP mi nuh think unu love war like We, try diss mi a road not paa I.G, uptop […]