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Category: Teejayx6

Teejayx6 – 2020 Lyrics

Teejayx6 – 2020 Lyrics Born wit’ it in my blood, I’ma be bustin’ checks forever Somebody asked, “Have I ever got declined once?”, never I’m a veteran at fraud, I […]

Teejayx6 – Gadgets Lyrics

Gadgets By Teejayx6 Jose The Plug Been stacking all my iPhones time to pay my buyer a visit Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Cricket Getting everything shipped cause in-store hotter than […]

TeeJay3k – Wassup Lyrics

Wassup By TeeJay3k I just hit my dawg What’s the move for the night? Get money all day Then I move through the night I just want to party I […]

Teejayx6 – Apple Lyrics

Apple By Teejayx6 Lyrics Just got a fire profile and logged into credit karma Can’t even get my haircut no more cause I done scammed my barber I’m on the […]

Teejayx6 – Swipe Lesson Lyrics

Swipe Lesson Lyrics by Teejayx6: Turn this up, I’m ’bout to teach y’all some lil’ lessons I’m bout to teach y’all niggas something if y’all had any questions If you […]

Teejayx6 – Swipe Story 3 Lyrics

Swipe Story 3 by Teejayx6: Lyrics: Last summer I done got so many iPhones But now shit changed you gotta do it with the SIM card Since everybody’s been doing […]