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Category: The Score

The Score - Hunger Lyrics

The Score – Hunger Lyrics

Hunger By The Score It’s feeding time in the jungle, jungle The cold streets, yeah, they come alive Ain’t a time to be humble, humble Cause only the strong survive […]

The Score - In My Bones Lyrics

The Score – In My Bones Lyrics

In My Bones By The Score So tired of comparisons Tryna learn the lesson in Falling every time that I do The chemicals inside my brain Never let me feel […]

The Score – Rush Lyrics

Rush By The Score My brain is a one way train and i’m ’bout to ride it out Octane running through these veins burning all my fears down Today, yeah […]

The Score – Stay Lyrics

Stay by The Score I’ve been lying to myself and I Was thinking everything is alright Yeah I get lost in this state of minds ‘Cus in my words got […]

The Score – Stronger Lyrics

I don’t do this for the riches I’m infected, my condition Is I’m always in my head These words are my religion I’m obsessive by decision Imma do this ’til […]