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Category: Wallflower

Wallflower - Dread Lyrics

Wallflower – Dread Lyrics

Dread By Wallflower On an anxiety trip, I’ve got this feeling my brain won’t let it slip. My feet are glued to the floor, I’ve got too much but I’m […]

Wallflower - Blood and Stone Lyrics

Wallflower – Blood and Stone Lyrics

Blood and Stone By Wallflower Pray forgiveness, bury all the hatchets. Just hope our father gets some sleep at night. Light your candles, throw away the matches. Your saint’s a […]

Wallflower - Anacrusis Lyrics

Wallflower – Anacrusis Lyrics

Anacrusis By Wallflower I am seeping through the cracks, this is my 13th meltdown. Left me out in the bright lights, I’m shaking through these winter nights and I’m never […]

Wallflower - Hungry Eyes Lyrics

Wallflower – Hungry Eyes Lyrics

Hungry Eyes By Wallflower We said we’d drawn the last line, we made all our intentions clear. What better time than now? What better place to die than here? But […]