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Wallflower - Dread Lyrics

Wallflower – Dread Lyrics

Dread By Wallflower On an anxiety trip, I’ve got this feeling my brain won’t let it slip. My feet are ...

Wallflower - Anacrusis Lyrics

Wallflower – Anacrusis Lyrics

Anacrusis By Wallflower I am seeping through the cracks, this is my 13th meltdown. Left me out in the bright ...

Wallflower - Hungry Eyes Lyrics

Wallflower – Hungry Eyes Lyrics

Hungry Eyes By Wallflower We said we’d drawn the last line, we made all our intentions clear. What better time ...

Wallflower - Passer-by Lyrics

Wallflower – Passer-by Lyrics

Passer-by By Wallflower I am not afraid, I am just alone. I never raised my voice so please don’t take ...

Wallflower - On & On Lyrics

Wallflower – On & On Lyrics

On & On By Wallflower I set myself alight. I can’t stop singing about fire. Overdramatic you say? I have ...