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Category: WHY?

WHY? – Deleterio Motilis Lyrics

Deleterio Motilis by WHY? After I say I’ll *WHAT* you in the bathroom of the pizza by slice place, It’s not fair for me to ask what kinda wife you […]

WHY? – Reason Lyrics

Reason by WHY? Give me a reason. Give me a reason to come there. Give me a reason, I’ll leave right now. Give me a reason to come there. Give […]

WHY? – Peel Free Lyrics

Peel Free by WHY? I was born choked in a shroud of thick smoke. I was born under a cataract from a cataract. I was born swimming in that milky […]

WHY? – The Rash Lyrics

The Rash by WHY? Still frowning like a founding father on a dollar bill. How reentrantly vitriolic, sour notes down to the tonic— now matched with panicked language—wow! Chill, you […]

WHY? – Apogee Lyrics

Apogee by WHY? Over-prepared like and Anglo Saxon, I wish I had hair like Andrew Jackson, standing in the mirror like, “should I start waxing”, standing in the mirror thinking […]