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Category: WHY?

WHY? – Rock Candy Lyrics

Rock Candy by WHY? And you’re left alone on a plane, coming home from a place, with a name and a date, and one heavy heart hemorrhaging. Got to cultivate […]

WHY? – My Original Lyrics

My Original by WHY? My Original, It’s time you see there’s no escaping loss. I know, it fucking sucks. But please don’t fall too far behind. Song: My Original Artist: […]

WHY? – Stained Glass Slipper Lyrics

Stained Glass Slipper by WHY? Coroner, as October sees the leaves turn colors, you’re so much older than when we first met each other down in southern Cali and the […]

WHY? – Deleterio Motilis Lyrics

Deleterio Motilis by WHY? After I say I’ll *WHAT* you in the bathroom of the pizza by slice place, It’s not fair for me to ask what kinda wife you […]

WHY? – Reason Lyrics

Reason by WHY? Give me a reason. Give me a reason to come there. Give me a reason, I’ll leave right now. Give me a reason to come there. Give […]

WHY? – Peel Free Lyrics

Peel Free by WHY? I was born choked in a shroud of thick smoke. I was born under a cataract from a cataract. I was born swimming in that milky […]