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Category: Wifisfuneral

wifisfuneral - Slide Lyrics

wifisfuneral – Slide Lyrics

Slide By wifisfuneral Yuh, ayy Trap ’08, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, ’08, ’08 Hey, uh, ayy Hi, hello, do you hear me I float out of space, I’m with the […]

wifisfuneral – Stick Lyrics

Stick By wifisfuneral Hahahahahahaha Yuh, aye Uh, uh, ah Stack it up Aye, aye, aye, here we go Yuh, aye, aye, aye, yuh I remember I was young and reckless […]

Wifisfuneral – Split Lyrics

Split By Wifisfuneral When I’m up in these streets I can’t let no shit slide They talkin’ down on my gang, something I don’t advise If I crack a seal, […]

Wifisfuneral – WYA Pt. 2 Lyrics

WYA Pt. 2 by Wifisfuneral Hold up like, I just popped a xan can’t think about you Cutting all my wrist in the booth Yeah I’m in my feelings that’s […]

Wifisfuneral – eggs Lyrics

Lyrics: eggs by Wifisfuneral Okay like, he don’t want no smoke, like hoe we know he a bitch Okay like, I was in [?] with the shits (Skrr) Listen, my […]

Wifisfuneral – run? Lyrics

run? by Wifisfuneral [Intro] Yeah, yea yea yeah yeah Yeah Oh yea yea yea yea yea yeah [Wifisfuneral] Run away from my past, I race my demons Devil he out […]