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Category: Wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral – Neglect Lyrics

Neglect Lyrics [Intro: wifisfuneral] Hey Cris, fuck you Yeah, mmh, yeah, mmh, yeah, alright, yeah, oh, ayy, yeah [Verse 1: Wifisfuneral] Pull up on empty, please don’t test me My […]

Wifisfuneral – Nauseous Lyrics

Nauseous Lyrics [Intro: wifisfuneral] Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah They like, one time, they like, one time Yeah, ooh, yeah, uh [Chorus: wifisfuneral] Sippin’ on drank, nauseous Drop […]

Wifisfuneral - Carro Lyrics

Wifisfuneral – Carro Lyrics

Carro Lyrics [Intro: wifisfuneral] Hey Chris, fuck you Hey Chris, fuck you Ayy You know I love you, Chris Yeah, yeah, uh, uh (Yuh) Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh […]

Wifisfuneral – Okuur Lyrics

Okuur Lyrics [Intro: Robb Bank$ & Cris Dinero] Yeah, let’s go Cris Dinero Okuur! [Chorus: Robb Bank$] Uh, ‘ac drinkin’ mo’fucker When y’all be like to’ and rode up Mud like […]

Wifisfuneral – Movin Slow Lyrics

Movin Slow Lyrics [Intro: wifisfuneral] Hey, Cris, fuck you Hit the kill switch, bitch, you can’t feel this Drip cost a brick, she gon’ miss it when she on this […]

Wifisfuneral – La Familia Lyrics

La Familia Lyrics [Intro: Cris Dinero] Hey Cris, fuck you! [Chorus: Robb Bank$] I got bands on me, beams on me Lean on me, do not lean on me See […]