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Category: Wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral – EA Lyrics

EA Lyrics [Intro: Robb Bank$] Loud Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, uh (Cup up in my pain like I’m Cris) [Chorus: wifisfuneral] I put fifty in that drum, watch his […]

Wifisfuneral – Anything Lyrics

Anything Lyrics [wifisfuneral & Robb Bank$] Ayy, pass me that, um, lil soda You tryna go to the, you tryna go to the store? They accept Apple Pay there Yeah, […]

Wifisfuneral – Save a Hoe Lyrics

Save a Hoe Lyrics [Robb Bank$] All purpose phone, yeah, yeah Do it all, yeah, you dig that, uh huh Yeah, Rich Gang or don’t bang For life (Tell ’em […]

Wifisfuneral – Can’t Feel My Face Lyrics

Wifisfuneral – Can’t Feel My Face Lyrics

Can’t Feel My Face Lyrics [Robb Bank$ (Wifisfuneral):] Yeah, ya dig what I’m saying? Reporting live from Stanfield Organization, yeah (SSETLIFE) Ya’ll ready to die? Ya dig [Robb Bank$:] Big […]