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Yves Tumor – Lovely Sewer Lyrics

Lyrics to Lovely Sewer by Yves Tumor You’re still a friend of mine We met on Chapman & Catalina And you’re always so fly But you can’t start a war

Yves Tumor – Meteora Blues Lyrics

Lyrics to Meteora Blues by Yves Tumor A single glimpse of burning love The precious sound of your last voice I’ll always pray to an empty sky Stare straight into

Yves Tumor – In Spite Of War Lyrics

Lyrics to In Spite Of War by Yves Tumor Everyone told me you’re a creep No one would believe that So I called the daily news Check the weather for

Yves Tumor – Fear Evil Like Fire Lyrics

Lyrics to Fear Evil Like Fire by Yves Tumor What do you say to her Can you offer she? Lover or enemy It’s so unsettling To hear your name in

Yves Tumor – Ebony Eye Lyrics

Lyrics to Ebony Eye by Yves Tumor Swing your arms in the October air Both she and I I hold her by the hips On heavens stairs Her eyes wanted

Yves Tumor – Parody Lyrics

Lyrics to Parody by Yves Tumor Send your face and name on a postcard A parody of a pop star You behaved like a monster Is this all just makeup

Yves Tumor – Operator Lyrics

Operator Lyrics – Yves Tumor Hello, is this the operator I felt you hesitate, oh no Joined a new married couple I thought I’d save money, oh no Hello, how

Yves Tumor – Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood Lyrics

Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood Lyrics – Yves Tumor Well, if you die, it’s okay, you could just restart I met a boy with no head Told me his

Yves Tumor – Echolalia Lyrics

Echolalia Lyrics – Yves Tumor Looked up to God She looked so good Want you to knock it off You look so good Can we take a day off? Treat

Yves Tumor – God Is a Circle Lyrics

God Is a Circle Lyrics – Yves Tumor Sometimes It feels like There’s places in my mind that I can’t go There’s people in my life I still don’t know,

Yves Tumor – Jackie Lyrics

Jackie Lyrics – Yves Tumor Hey little Jackie When you wake up Do you think of me? I said “hey Jackie baby” When you rest your mind Do you think

Yves Tumor – Gospel For A New Century Lyrics

Gospel For A New Century By Yves Tumor I think I can solve it I can be your all, ain’t no problem, baby You can be more but you’re heartless,

Yves Tumor – Medicine Burn Lyrics

Medicine Burn By Yves Tumor Carry me away into your spirit I can’t live my own troubles I’ve got nothing left to fear but the wilderness I saw a man

Yves Tumor – Identity Trade Lyrics

Identity Trade By Yves Tumor Pure water from the fire Reflect my spirit Pure water from the fire Reflect my spirit We walked along for seven days in a row

Yves Tumor – Hasdallen Lights Lyrics

Hasdallen Lights By Yves Tumor What are you running from? What do you miss? Tell me, what do you crave? How do you feel? What are you running from? Tell

Yves Tumor – Romanticist Lyrics

Romanticist By Yves Tumor Two hearts, I couldn’t resist the charm It wasn’t right, wandering the streets at night We try, got me looking everywhere Hard road Tell me who

Yves Tumor – Dream Palette Lyrics

Dream Palette By Yves Tumor Floating through what feels like A declaration of love Our hearts are in danger Tell me, is this fundamental love? A feeling you deserve I

Yves Tumor – Super Stars Lyrics

Super Stars By Yves Tumor You, you, you, oh, you You, you, you, oh, you Oh, you, you, you, oh, you Oh, you, you, you, oh, you Hate me like

Yves Tumor – Strawberry Privilege Lyrics

Strawberry Privilege By Yves Tumor I didn’t know what to do I knew I would find my way Like they said I was supposed to, supposed to Supposed to, supposed

Yves Tumor – A Greater Love Lyrics

A Greater Love By Yves Tumor Summer, Winter, the Fall has changed, yeah Don’t you ever feel like the weather brings a change? Yeah, change Don’t you ever, ever bring