Deaf Havana – Pocari Sweat Lyrics

Pocari Sweat Lyrics – Deaf Havana

I was on a bridge in Singapore, thinking of jumping
But then I looked up at the skyline, and it reminded me of London
Used to be my home, now it’s a place I can’t afford
To live in anymore and it’s all my fault

You can’t really be homesick when your whole life is a mess
Getting sick of my drinking? Well I couldn’t care less
I fell asleep on a plane and I dreamt that we fell to our deaths
Then I woke up alone and upset

Lost count of the airports ’cause I drink to forget
Try to throw up for good luck but I’ve got nothing left
Jumped out of the car for a bottle of Pocari Sweat
Good god this is as low as it gets

And how the hell do I come back from this?