Devon – LIFE ADVICE Lyrics

LIFE ADVICE Lyrics – Devon

Light them up
Give me reason
id of light them up
For you
If theres a god above
I wonder if he thought
I’m good enough
For you

And you said
Im to tired of trying harder
Im to tired of trying harder
I want to be where we started again

My friend
Beauty is the light you were given
And they said
To be careful of this life you were living
Don’t let there arrogance define you
Even if they try to
They got to much time on there hands
My friend
Beauty is a light you where given

Lighting up the way would be boring though
Why would you want to see what’s ahead
I put my hands back on the ground
And feel my way around
So you can say if I miss a step

Don’t say I didn’t care
Could of given it all away
Don’t say I wasn’t there
Cause your getting the best of me

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