DHARIA – Left Untold Lyrics

Left Untold Lyrics – DHARIA

Been crying tears of gold
So much was left untold
You were there but your soul was stone cold
Baby somehow I made it alone

Who are ya?
Who are ya?
Can’t see ya and the days go by
Baby, who are ya?
Who are ya?
Don’t you ever come to me
Baby, who are ya?
Who are ya?
There’s no face, all I see’s a lie
Baby, who are ya?
Who are ya?

Been feeling way too old
All summers feel too cold
I am ready to have it all sold
’Cause I’m buying myself the whole world

You wanna leave me
But then you want me
How can we live this way?

Boy I can show you
How well I know you
You made me feel this way

Oh my God, Oh my God
I feel this way

Can’t help but call ya
But then I know I
Can’t go another day

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