Drop Nineteens – A Hitch Lyrics

A Hitch Lyrics by Drop Nineteens

We ramble when we flow with help from Dr Robert
Well there’s somethin you should know
And there’s nothing crude about it Is it too fast or too slow
It was oceans ago
Shoveling up the snow like I couldn’t live without it In the moonshine and the riptides
And in the meantime on the B side yeah I’m already kissing switch with Dr fucking Robert
Doesn’t matter who I’m with they hint and wink about it
But you knew there was a hitch
Not sure if you could stop dead
You’re so good at driving stick until you lose control

Oceans ago decided to do run do run run
It’s fine that you know we live with and without it
In the springtime and the moon tides wide as long lines on the B side
Were we so inclined on the A side to the B side to the C side

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