DYING FETUS – Compulsion For Cruelty Lyrics

Compulsion For Cruelty Lyrics – DYING FETUS

Bodies all left in pieces, faces ripped apart and flayed
It’s been seventeen years of silence, since the last fucker felt my rage
They lied and locked me up, now the day’s come it’s time to pay
I’m gonna kill each and every one, and make them burn a thousand ways

The price is paid, with blood and lives
I’ve waited years, now it’s my time

No revision, they shit upon the code of truth
Castigated and forgotten, I fought for every ounce of proof
Now I got ’em in the killchain, the guilty got numbers and names
It’s fuel for my hatred, and compulsion for cruelty

One after one, the list is long, of the traitors who’ve all betrayed
First things first, I cut out their tongues, so I don’t have to hear them beg

Each one screams, choking on blood, disciple of death devout
Their god won’t hear, and the cops won’t care, as their guts turn inside out

I’ve waited years to make them suffer
Killing’s all too easy in the end

Human scum, lowest of the low
Erased from the earth in time
Tooth by tooth, nail by nail it’s torment by design
Carved and cut, chopped and cropped
These insects turn to dust
Vengeance wrought, for years I’ve lost
Interned and dissolved

Now one left stands before me
My hate burns deep within
For each second they extracted
I’m gonna peel away an inch of skin
Not one will remember
These effigies of human waste
Bagged, tagged and rotten
I’m gonna laugh as they’re dragged away

The price is paid, with blood and lives
I’ve waited years, now it’s my time
This chapter closes, it’s all said and done
Once there were many, now there are none

I got ’em all in the killchain, the guilty had numbers and names
They’re fuel for my hatred
And compulsion for cruelty

Compulsion for cruelty
Compulsion for cruelty

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