G2, Jeris Johnson, Yonaka – DETONATE Lyrics

DETONATE Lyrics – G2, Jeris Johnson, Yonaka

I been feeling bad to the bone
I been headed straight for the throne
if I walk into the room it’s a spotlight
if I’m ever knocked down bet I still fight

I can feel the energy
I can feel our strength build inside of me
we’re everything you’ll never be
ain’t nobody in the world with our legacy
time to move don’t hesitate
tick tick boom I’m never late
don’t stop now better run because
I’m ready to detonate

I’m ready to detonate

so if you think you’re bad like that
come on out and face our wrath
been moving up the board so fast
when the pressure on I’m so cash

I never hesitate on the move we’re too fast
I’m unapologetically born to the best
I’m about to blow you out

I’m ready to detonate

I’m coming with that ‘bang;
I’m coming for the top
I step into the room
make everybody drop.
This is my time
This is my shot
I’m a firestarter, in case you forgot.
I’m coming with that ‘boom’
feeling like dynamite
Vroom Vroom
all day, every night
I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready

I’m ready to detonate

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