GRAVE PLEASURES – Society of Spectres Lyrics

Society of Spectres Lyrics – GRAVE PLEASURES

The traveling circus bends your arm
Conscripted in the flesh game
A plague rolls through the quiet dales
A jungle of mutations

You’ve fallen in with banshees
You’re throwing votes to holy ghosts
Your face is in the furnace
You’ll spend your whole life on your knees
Society of Spectres
We’re painted shadows in a cave
Society of Spectres
Of spectres of spectres

If we look through this town
And the human puppets
Will the powers at work
Expose their secrets?

An uncontrollable
Sense of strangeness
Creeps into our beds
And keeps us silent

When you pull the curtains
The vipers shake the nest
When you drink the cool aid
You’ll be well rewarded
When they go for the throat
And they take you to task
And you’re up to your eyeballs
You’ll be shackled up to the end

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