Hip Hop / R&B

Quando Rondo – Shorty Lyrics

Shorty By Quando Rondo Ooh no you know.. And we gon f—… Beverly Centre, Bentley Coupe, she in the parking lot Just like these rounds in my .40 Glock imma […]

Calboy – Barbarian Lyrics

Barbarian By Calboy Oh-oh, oh Yeah, yeah Oh-oh, oh, yeah Oh-oh, oh [?] beats, why you talk like that? Brand new 4-5 with the RIP (RIP) In the trap all […]

Pop Smoke – Dior Lyrics

Dior By Pop Smoke Traphouse Mob Huh, roll another one Said I’m never lackin’, always pistol packing With them automatics, we gon’ send him to heaven Wait, wait, wait, wait, […]

Lil Gotit – Bet Up Lyrics

Bet Up By Lil Gotit Hood baby I’m in London, got my beat from London Bet up, bet up (Woo) N—- shut the f— up and bet up Bet up, […]