Jdot Breezy – EST: 2019 Lyrics

Lyrics to EST: 2019 by Jdot Breezy

2019 on up I started thuggin’
Was forced in this shit and stood on 10 ever since
Held my own nigga so take that and get a fuckin’ concept
I’m accountable from there on up, that’s facts

Tell the truth about me bitch I stand on business never fakin’
Ask around I bang this bitch and crash out no hesitation
Want me to respond to bullshit you flockin’ bitch and yo’ ass hated
I said something in self defense I was a minor ball playin’
A follower just what I was my image wasn’t no fuckin’ gangster
I hit the streets 2019 and I got proof go check the data
I ain’t had no street knowledge but now I do and bitch that cake up
I surpassed you and you (pitched?) your album flunked and it ain’t shake nun
Pop out Cap ass got released
Victims went to court nigga not me
I ain’t get a nigga shooked up the road lyin’ ass bitch nigga on me
Try to make it seem that he got charged with old shit from 2017
Go look it up all the nigga charges say 2020 down to 23
All on the internet tryna cap, chasin’ that clout until we meet
I done drew blood, stepped in that mud, and got my boots dirty for the team
All on the internet pussy nigga tell the world how we knocked down 3
Say it ain’t nun happened bout Leeke
Spazz2x got his ass sleeped
Fuck Rod K nigga fuck PD and fuck a nigga named Trey D
Bibby got his stupid ass ran down young nigga too slow on his feet
Ciggy got caught Mitch got bought your momma damn near got knocked off
Her shooter’s still walkin’ to this day you ain’t drill nun nigga you soft
You tryna strip me from my pride and dignity wanna kill my image
You been rapping for like 10 years I caught you now you envy
Wanna dig shit up okay well pussy go dig up your daddy
Dig up Mitch, go dig up Bibby, and the last nigga got splattered
On the (post?) by me you pussy, made you ass a pallbearer
Yo’ ass floppin’ now you tryna take a nigga down witcha
Over 5 souls got took and I got merch clown nigga
I got merch I slung that iron, got merch I ran shit down nigga
And all these nigga’s hoes talk about me know I’m bangin’ heat
Nigga fuck everybody, fuck from ’round you wouldn’t believe
Explaining what these niggas know I stepped on shit, fuck who don’t fuck with me
I’m (piked?) up by myself, no fuckin help that’s how it’s supposed to be
And all you pussy niggas in my DMs, try your luck with me
Bitch mask up and come get me I’mma kill anything that come for me
More blood gonna be shed everything dead nigga don’t run from me
I’m solo I ain’t no (mans?) ridin’ around with a drake nigga on a hunting spree
I had NFL dreams back in 2017
I stole a car been a follower gangsta wasn’t me
Nigga I wasn’t thuggin’ I ain’t know nothing about the streets
2019 I put (trade?) gangsta image
You had your momma sleepin’ on the floor pussy bitch
In that O nigga your brother your family incest y’all sick
You got your momma hit your ass got hit stupid, and your bitch
Everything you round get slaughtered must be sacrificing jits
I’ll take out any nigga that’s tryna play me, that’s on all for my baby
I got hats let’s get it bangin’, pray for him see what he thinkin’
Internet be undefeated like why I respond, fuck explainin’
Don’t fuck with me I don’t give a fuck nigga (suck?) my gun, bitch stay dangerous
Let’s go head for head bitch a drama queen, cause your music flaw
Been flaw for 4 years you came for me so it could hype you up
Well let me tell you this stupid, you made my music streams go up
So just keep postin’ me yo’ ass gon’ fuck around and blow me up

I hopped off the porch in 2019 and got my poles up
Got forced into the streets from that forward I never froze up
I bought the biggest hat I’m MVP I shook your whole block
The last nigga that came for me he swerved, I wet the whole car

You ain’t still get back for Mitch nor Buck or the old head
Young crew them niggas dumb with it, hop out blow his ass
Double D this bitch got dumb titties, drop a hunnid then
I’m cashin’ out on sticks I got enough shit for a hunnid man
Nigga it ain’t funny when we hop out shoot your stomach in
He fall we stand over him, my bro gon’ chase the other man
On IG tryna be a troll, get back for your brother then
A funeral you went last nigga bullets smother him

Pussy, I ain’t chose this shit it chose me
Whole city know I was a civilian until I was forced into the streets bitch
I started playin’ with that iron 2019
I jumped off the porch 2019
That’s when I took on the street gangsta image bitch
I’m accountable from there on out pussy
You tryna control the motherfuckin’ narrative, lyin’ to these motherfuckin’ people
2019 I became a gangsta and I remained a gangsta nigga
Ever since I stood on all 10, nigga never played me
No none of that shit nigga, check the sheets nigga, on bro nigga
Hoe ass nigga, you mad cause you flockin’ bitch
Trash ass, nigga music ain’t even relevant in the city no more nigga, you fell off
I ain’t respondin’ no more it’s 2023 you (wailin’?) ‘17 I wasn’t thuggin’ bitch

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